Issie Barratt’s Meinrad Iten Suite

Meinrad Iten (1867 – 1932 Unterägeri, Canton Zug) is Issie’s maternal great-grandfather - a prolific Swiss portrait and landscape artist who painted over 2000 paintings.
Recorded September 2010 at Trinity College of Music, London
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Piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute:
Rowland Sutherland

Bb clarinet and bass clarinet: Mick Foster

Baritone Sax: Issie Barratt

Piano: Mark Donlon

Track list:
  1. Wilhermene  4.15
  2. The Man With The Gun He Tangos  6.44 Clarinet Solo - Mick Foster
  3. Snow Scene  3.20
  4. Das Mädchen  3.33
  5. Unser Vater  9.31  Baritone sax solo - Issie Barratt. Alto flute solo - Rowland Sutherland
  6. Meinrad  3.45
  7. Der Onkel  4.36 Baritone sax solo Issie Barratt
  8. Der Soldat  4.34 Includes group improvisation.
  9. Der Weg  4.19 Piano Solo: Mark Donlon
  10. St Jost  7.16 Includes group improvisation. Baritone sax solo - Issie Barratt. Flute and clarinet duet - Rowland Sutherland and Mick Foster.
  11. Wir Bleiben Zusammen  1.35 Includes group improvisation.